Services Offered 

  Individual and/or group Music Therapy and Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) sessions.   

Individual and group Music Therapy and GIM-Psychotherapy interventions, can be designed to address a variety of therapeutic goals, promote wellness, manage stress, alleviate pain, express feelings, enhance memory, improve communication, promote physical rehabilitation and so many more, not only for people of all ages and/or pathologies but also for people who experience difficulties handling the pressure of their everyday life, people under stress, people in crisis and/or self-exploration and growth and help bring inside and relief of emotional pressure and of symptomatology.

 More specifically, Music Therapy and GIM-psychotherapy can both be valuable therapeutic tool for:

  • People suffering from life threatening or chronic illnesses, psychiatric conditions, addictions, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), trauma, people with age related issues (Dementia), as well as

  • People facing relationship and divorce-related issues, career changes and stages of transitions in life, stress and burnout situations, anxiety related issues, grief and loss, depression, creativity blocks and negative thinking, or people who are in the process of goal-setting, and/or enhancing their wellbeing and quality of life.

  Corporate Workshops and Hands-on Interactive On-site Groups    

       Corporations and businesses, are seeking new ways to help their employees deal with issues related to the working environment and find new techniques to help problem-solving and increasing of productivity.

       Music Therapy can be a creative and non-threatening way to help reach these goals. More specifically, specially designed workshops and/or hands-on interactive groups can help:

  • reduce and let go of workplace stresses;

  • Relax, Re-charge and Revitalize;

  • Improve communication;

  • Work with Burnout situations;

  • Enhance Personal and Team Creativity and growth;

  • Improve Teamwork and Productivity;

  • Build Problem Solving Techniques;

  • or even help some of the employees deal with personal issues that can affect the workplace environment.

 Creativity Empowerment Groups for Adults    

I am sure that all of you, all of us, share a common, ground feeling of what we are looking for in life.  What we are hoping for, what we need, what we are striving for.  That is being healthy, (both physically and mentally), being happy and content.  Being able to live life to its full potential.  Be the best version of ourselves.  Enjoy every day, and be open to the here and now. Have a better control over life, experience positive relationships, gain insight and inner peace.


Have you ever considered taping into your creative-self, as your way, to explore and reach all these different goals? To explore and reach your inner self and identity?

But what does it really mean “Taping into your Creative Self”? What is being creative?

Being creative is an interactive process of empowerment and self- healing. Is allowing yourself to make mistakes, to be free and spontaneous. To trust and share, to communicate and connect.   Is to live life to its full potential.  In a way is to be in love with life.

For more than 20 years as a musician /performer and 18 years as a therapist/psychotherapist, reaching there, was my goal both as a person and as a therapist.  Having music along the way, I learned how to be spontaneous and expressive.  How to communicate, to share, to connect, to trust and to feel.  I learned how to be open, to take risks, to listen to my “soul sing”, to be true and respectful to my feelings.  I learned in a word how to be creative.

Sharing this experience and opening new paths of empowerment and self-healing has become my new task, and that is why I started with the “Waking Up your Creative Self” groups 4 year ago.

The groups, using music therapy and Guided Imagery and Music(GIM) techniques, like improvisation, free music making, singing, moving, dancing, music listening, and the use of other forms of art, aim in providing for the participants the time and space to relax, connect and feel connected,  communicate, explore, share at all levels- personal and social, and of course, have fun!!!!   Music being a holistic tool, reaching both mind, body, soul, and spirit can be the frame that safely holds us all together and keep us moving. 


So, if you want to live life a little more today, come join us to “Waking Up your Creative Self” groups and dance, sing, play, love and be in love with life and with yourself. See the beauty in life and you will bring out the beauty from within.

  Creative Music Making Groups for children

Music cannot only be fun, but also a learning, growing as well as a relaxing experience for people of all ages, including yourself.  Join our music groups this year, with your child or come along with other mother-friends.  Explore the world of music together, through singing, playing, and moving.  Be creative, and spontaneous.  Share some quality time together with people you love and have fun. 

Groups Offered by Musiking Studio:

  • Music Groups for Mothers and their Babies (0-24 months): Use the power of music and lullabies to soothe your young ones. Music plays a powerful role in the lives of young children. Through music, babies and toddlers can come to better understand themselves and their feelings, learn to decipher patterns and solve problems, and discover the world around them in rich, complex ways. Most important, sharing music experiences with the people they love makes very young children feel cherished and important.


  • Music Groups for Mothers and Young Children (2-5 years): Music, as a sound stimulus is unique in its power to penetrate the mind and body directly.  It stimulates the senses, evokes feelings, elicits physiological and mental responses and energizes the mind and body. It can be a form of communication (verbal or non-verbal),  help develop children's social, listening and academic skills (language, math, etc), help make transitions easier, help relieve stress, develop or improve children's self-esteem. It’s a form of “play” (Winicott, 2010), so it can be a source of joy and creativity. 


  • Relaxation Music Groups for Mothers: Mothers always tell me: “How about us? Can we have some music? Why don’t you do some music for us? We so much need that!!!!!”  And it’s true.  Being a mother myself, I know that motherhood can be - among all the great parts of it- a stressful, “full- time job” and that, all of us tend to forget or ignore our own needs.   So, come join our Relaxation Music Groups for Mothers. Use the music to relax and soothe your mind, body and soul. Allow yourself the gift of music.  Be a “Happy Mother”, because as I always say, “A Good Mother is a Happy Mother”.


Contact me and find out all available running groups, pricing and location.